and .


21:33 Changeset [3400] by jerome

Still more work to accomodate custom drivers (incomplete and/or ...

13:33 Changeset [3399] by jerome

Another small fix, related to #20.


23:46 Changeset [3398] by jerome

Fixed non-ascii characters inside a docstring.

23:22 Ticket #20 (Accuracy problems with a custom ERP suite.) closed by jerome
fixed: (In [3397]) Fixes #20.
23:22 Changeset [3397] by jerome

Fixes #20.

23:21 Changeset [3396] by jerome

Fixed a problem with custom PCL3/4/5 drivers, thanks to Roger Jochem.

22:55 WikiStart edited by jerome
22:41 Ticket #20 (Accuracy problems with a custom ERP suite.) created by jerome
In some custom ERP suite, the in-house coded printer drivers produce very …
22:03 Ticket #19 (SNMP problems) closed by jerome
fixed: (In [3395]) Works around some buggy printers. Fixes #19.
22:03 Changeset [3395] by jerome

Works around some buggy printers. Fixes #19.

22:03 Ticket #19 (SNMP problems) created by jerome
Some buggy printers (seem to ?) return an empty string in some cases when …
21:47 Ticket #18 (Data loss in CUPS' printers.conf) closed by jerome
fixed: (In [3394]) Backported a fix for pkprinters. Fixes #18.
21:47 Changeset [3394] by jerome

Backported a fix for pkprinters. Fixes #18.

21:47 Ticket #18 (Data loss in CUPS' printers.conf) created by jerome
In PyKota v1.26 the --cups command line option for pkprinters could cause …
21:31 Changeset [3393] by jerome

Backported a fix for a minor PostgreSQL/MySQL incompatibility.

21:29 Changeset [3392] by jerome

Works around chardet being unable to detect user charset in some cases.

21:25 Changeset [3391] by jerome

Well, I should have done this before...


20:04 Changeset [3390] by jerome

Added a small fix wrt problems reported by Roger Jochem.


07:37 Changeset [3389] by jerome

Changed the shell to bash instead of sh, because for some people their ...


10:54 Ticket #17 (SQL problems with at least MySQL) closed by jerome
fixed: (In [3388]) Fixed an SQL incompatibilities problem, thanks to Jens …
10:54 Changeset [3388] by jerome

Fixed an SQL incompatibilities problem, thanks to Jens Weibler. Fixes ...

10:50 Ticket #17 (SQL problems with at least MySQL) created by jerome
With 'SELECT COUNT(*) ...' PostgreSQL creates a virtual field named …


00:27 Changeset [3387] by jerome

Fixed incorrect docstrings.


00:07 Changeset [3386] by jerome

Removed unneeded stuff in the new PDF parser. We will add it again later ...


11:45 Changeset [3385] by jerome

Rebuilt the PDF parsing engine to correctly account for redacted ...

01:38 Changeset [3384] by jerome

Did some work to improve PDF parser : A very fast method (26 times faster ...


20:54 WikiStart edited by jerome


19:12 PyKota edited by jerome


19:08 Ticket #16 (Remove contributed code) created by jerome
Peter Stuge contributed the subprocess handling code, but doesn't allow me …
19:03 Changeset [3383] by jerome

Now links to the bug tracker.

18:59 Ticket #15 (Allow to disable a particular print quota entry without deleting it or ...) created by jerome
To entirely forbid an user to print, one can use pkusers --limitby …
18:54 Ticket #14 (Improve the output of pkprinters) created by jerome
When listing a printer with pkprinters --list thePrinterName, if it is …
18:52 Ticket #13 (Improve the relational schema) created by jerome
Additional informations could be stored, like the account balance's value …
18:51 Ticket #12 (Revamp the LDAP schema) created by jerome
The actual LDAP schema is overly complex : PyKota user account and user's …
18:48 Ticket #11 (Add a minimal cost per page when using ink accounting) created by jerome
With ink accounting almost empty sheets are accounted for almost no …
18:46 Ticket #10 (Banners and jobs cancelled from PyKotIcon) created by jerome
Some people reported banners being printed while the job was cancelled by …
18:44 Ticket #9 (Improve the crashrecipient directive in pykota.conf) created by jerome
The crashrecipient directive can actually contain only an email address. …
18:40 Ticket #8 (Publicize the new bug tracker) created by jerome
Ensure all links on the website and in the documentation references the …
18:38 Ticket #7 (Add support for terminal servers) created by jerome
PyKotIcon? doesn't currently support terminal servers because the …
18:31 Ticket #6 (Allow modal windows) created by jerome
Some people would like to see a --modal command line option to be …
18:30 Ticket #5 (Encryption support) created by jerome
PyKotIcon? doesn't encrypt datas when dialoguing with pknotify (or other …
18:27 Ticket #4 (Support for CUPS' unix domain sockets) created by jerome
pkipplib doesn't support to communicate with CUPS through unix domain …
17:16 Ticket #3 (Broken dumpykota.cgi) created by jerome
The dumpykota command line tool now supports "new style" command line …


15:49 Changeset [3382] by jerome

Specified link to bug tracker.

15:45 Changeset [3381] by jerome

Specified link to the bug tracker.

15:42 Changeset [3380] by jerome

Specified the address of the bug tracker.


20:29 WikiStart edited by jerome
11:17 WikiStart edited by jerome


00:37 Ticket #2 (Incorrect handling of PJL statements) created by jerome
PJL statements appearing, at least, in PCL3/4/5 and PCLXL jobs, before the …
00:26 Changeset [3379] by jerome

Added missing links.

00:24 Ticket #1 (Test) closed by jerome
fixed: (In [3378]) Changed links to svn and svn browser in Debian's control …
00:24 Changeset [3378] by jerome

Changed links to svn and svn browser in Debian's control file. Fixes #1.

00:21 Ticket #1 (Test) created by jerome
This is a test ticket, just to check if all works as expected.


23:13 WikiStart edited by jerome
23:12 WikiStart edited by jerome
23:11 WikiStart edited by jerome
21:20 PyKotaSupport edited by jerome
20:59 WikiStart edited by jerome
Added subversion download links (diff)
09:57 Changeset [3377] by jerome

Changed links to subversion tree. Added link to bug tracker (not publicly ...

08:59 Changeset [3376] by jerome

New test : all is fine now. New repository (read-only for all but me right ...

08:54 Changeset [3375] by jerome

Another test of the new subversion repository... (please ignore)

08:52 Changeset [3374] by jerome

Removed test line to see if new svn repository works as expected.

00:41 PyKota created by jerome
00:40 WikiStart edited by jerome
00:33 PyKotaSupport created by jerome
00:20 WikiStart edited by jerome
00:19 WikiStart edited by jerome
Initial wiki entry page (diff)


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08:36 Changeset [3373]

just a test.


22:47 Changeset [1] by www-data

New repository root


08:03 Changeset [3372] by jerome

Fixed a problem when refunding jobs with an LDAP backend, thanks to Daniel ...


12:30 Changeset [3371] by jerome

Fixed problem with printers sending empty result as the answer for their ...


23:12 Changeset [3370] by jerome

Now uses Debian or Ubuntu's package for pkpgcounter.


19:08 Changeset [3369] by jerome

Fixed small inconsistency in online help.

18:58 Changeset [3368] by jerome

dumpykota now support new style command line options. TODO : ...

18:58 Changeset [3367] by jerome

Moved new method around.

18:45 Changeset [3366] by jerome

Added a method to check if user is admin and fail if needed.

17:06 Changeset [3365] by jerome

Fixed small inconsistency in online help.

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