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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#69 DockBook warnings pykota 1.27 final defect 02/07/11
#68 Pykota mysql connection timeout pykota defect 01/25/11
#80 Some Zenographics ZJStream print jobs incorrectly detected as PCL3/4/5 pkpgcounter defect 09/21/13
#4 Support for CUPS' unix domain sockets pkipplib None enhancement 06/11/08
#5 Encryption support pykoticon None enhancement 06/11/08
#11 Add a minimal cost per page when using ink accounting pykota 1.27 final enhancement 06/11/08
#12 Revamp the LDAP schema pykota None enhancement 06/11/08
#13 Improve the relational schema pykota None enhancement 06/11/08
#22 Add support for CUPS' CUPS_FILETYPE environment variable. pykota None enhancement 09/18/08
#27 Can not set the Maximum Job Size(kBytes) pykota None enhancement 10/23/08
#51 Export additional environment variables pykota 1.27 final enhancement 01/21/10
#53 SNMP accounter for HP designjet pykota enhancement 03/25/10
#2 Incorrect handling of PJL statements pkpgcounter None defect 06/03/08
#39 pkpgcounter fails to read PJL-wrapped postscript pkpgcounter 1.27 final defect 02/24/09
#67 PJL hardware accounting not working (halts printing) on LaserJet 5 (fix included) pykota 1.27 final defect 09/15/10
#26 Switch autocommit mode off for relational backends. pykota None enhancement 10/04/08
#34 Die gracefully or print when database is not available pykota None enhancement 12/05/08
#70 pynotify is not raising the dialog box pykoticon defect 02/15/11
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