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4  <title id="edpykota">Manage Print Quotas with edpykota</title>
5  <para>Last modified on $Date$</para>
7  <para>
8    You'll use this tool to create, manage or delete print quota entries for users
9    or users groups on printers or printers groups.
10  </para>
12  <para>
13    By default, before being allowed to print through <application>PyKota</application>,
14    an user must exist in the database and have a print quota entry on every printer
15    he should be allowed to use. As seen in the previous chapter, the simplest way to add an user named <literal>jerome</literal> to the database is
16    to type :
18$ pkusers --add jerome
21    But this is not sufficient to allow user <literal>jerome</literal> to print. You have to create a print quota entry for <literal>jerome</literal> on all printers
22    he is allowed to print to. The easiest way to do so is to type :
24$ edpykota --add jerome
26  </para>
28  <para>
29    The commands above have created user <literal>jerome</literal> in the database, and have automatically
30    created print quota entries with no limit for this user on all existing printers. This means
31    that user <literal>jerome</literal> is allowed to print without limitation, but that full accounting
32    will still be done for this user : you'll know whenever he prints and how much.
33  </para>
35  <para>
36    Here's an incomplete list of features :
38    <itemizedlist>
39      <listitem>
40        <para>
41          Add and delete users and groups print quota entries ;
42        </para>
43      </listitem>
44      <listitem>
45        <para>
46          Define, increase or decrease hard and soft page limits for users ou users groups, on a per printer basis ;
47        </para>
48      </listitem>
49      <listitem>
50        <para>
51          Reset or modify page counters for users or groups, on a per printer basis ;
52        </para>
53      </listitem>
54      <listitem>
55        <para>
56          List print quota entries ;
57        </para>
58      </listitem>
59    </itemizedlist>
60  </para>
62  <para>
63    For more details on the use of <command>edpykota</command>, please see this command's manual
64    page or help.
65  </para>
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