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PyKota Support

PyKota is available in two different forms :

  • The packaged form -- Tarballs, Debian and RPM packages are available for a minimal fee of 25.00 EURO, with no limitation in time.
  • The unpackaged form -- Available with a little help from subversion.

You can obtain support in several ways :

  • By reading the Searchable FAQ. NB : the FAQ appears empty by default, simply click on the Search button to display the list of FAQ entries.
  • Through Mailing lists -- Free but questions will be answered by the PyKota community as time permits.
  • Through Support Agreements -- Not Free, but we guarantee an answer before the end of the next business day.
  • Through IRC -- Connect to the #pykota channel on the network. PyKota developers tend to be there from time to time, and can help you if you're stuck with some problem.
  • Through this website's Trouble Ticketing System -- Please search existing tickets before submitting a new one. Chances are your problem has already been fixed.