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    4343  <para> 
    44     Currently with a <application>CUPS</application> internal accounting mechanism, the <command>pstops</command> 
     44    Currently with <application>CUPS</application>' internal accounting mechanism, the <command>pstops</command> 
    4545    filter can be bypassed. That's why <application>PyKota</application> uses its own backend. 
    4646    The <command>cupspykota</command> backend wrapper ensures that jobs can't bypass it, so you can use 
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    467467        <listitem> 
    468468          <para> 
    469             <application>Python</application> version 2.1 or above. 
     469            <application>Python</application> version 2.2 or above. 
    470470            You can download it from <ulink url=""></ulink>. 
    471471            While <application>PyKota</application> itself will try to preserve compatibility 
    472             with <application>Python</application> version 2.1 for the near future, some <application>Python</application> 
    473             modules which are needed by <application>PyKota</application> may mandate the use of a more recent version 
     472            with <application>Python</application> version 2.2 for the near future, some <application>Python</application> 
     473            modules which are needed by <application>PyKota</application> may require a more recent version 
    474474            of this language. 
    475475          </para> 
    607607          </para> 
    608608        </listitem>   
     609        <listitem> 
     610          <para> 
     611            The <application>PyPAM</application> Python interface to <acronym>PAM</acronym>. 
     612            You'll need this if you plan to ask users to authenticate when printing through <command>pknotify</command> 
     613            and <command>pykoticon</command>. You don't need this module otherwise. 
     614            If needed, you can download it from <ulink url=""></ulink>. 
     615          </para> 
     616        </listitem>   
    609617      </itemizedlist>   
    610618    </para> 
    686694      begins with a name between square brackets <literal>[]</literal>. 
    687695      The name to use to define a particular printer section is the name 
    688       of the print queue on which you want to set quotas. 
     696      of the print queue you want to manage with PyKota. 
    689697    </para> 
    748756    <para> 
    749757      This all depends on the printing system you are using, and the user the 
    750       printing system is usually running as. You need to remember two things : 
     758      printing system is usually running as. You need to remember three things : 
    752760      <itemizedlist> 
    764772          </para> 
    765773        </listitem> 
     774        <listitem>         
     775          <para> 
     776            If <filename>cupsd.conf</filename> contains <literal>RunAsUser</literal>, then 
     777            you won't be able to authenticate users with <command>pknotify</command> and <command>pykoticon</command>. 
     778            Also in this case you may have to make <application>PyKota</application>'s configuration files 
     779            owned by the user <application>CUPS</application> runs as. 
     780          </para> 
     781        </listitem> 
    766782      </itemizedlist>   
    767783    </para> 
    774790    <para> 
    775791      Now depending on your printing system, the configuration to do is particular. 
    776       We will now see how to plug PyKota into your printing system. 
     792      We will now see how to plug PyKota into <application>CUPS</application> since <application>LPRng</application> 
     793      is not supported anymore. 
    777794    </para> 
    836853          to ask on PyKota's mailing list, describing the symptoms, as 
    837854          well as the hardware and software you use. 
    838           In a future release of this document, a section dedicated to  
    839           Frequently Asked Questions will be included. 
    840855        </para> 
    842857        <para> 
    843           You can now also ask us questions on IRC : 
     858          A searchable FAQ is now available at  
     859          <ulink url=""></ulink>. 
     860          A FAQ entry explaining in great details how to diagnose a problem correctly is 
     861          available at  
     862          <ulink url=""></ulink>. 
     863        </para> 
     865        <para> 
     866          You can now ask questions on IRC : 
    844867          <screen>