Welcome to PyKota's development site

This website is dedicated to developers interested in PyKota and related tools, or people wanting to help improve this software by reporting bugs, writing documentation, and the like.

This website is the bug tracker and hosts the development trees for the following print-related software :

  • PyKota : The print accounting software itself.
  • pkpgcounter : PyKota's software accounting engine, which can be used separately.
  • Tea4CUPS : the Swiss Army's knife of the CUPS administrator.
  • pkipplib : an implementation of IPP and CUPS' API purely in the Python language.
  • PyKotIcon : a client side helper for PyKota, which can be used whenever a graphical interaction between the print server and the end user has to take place at printing time (e.g. to ask and check a password, or give an information to the user).
  • PyKoCard? : a Python library to manage vending cards readers and encoders.

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